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2001-12-01 3. Movement of Appassionata by Ludwig van Beethoven added.
2001-11-01 2. Movement of Appassionata by Ludwig van Beethoven added.
2001-10-27 Modifications at 1. and 3. Movement of Moonlight sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven.
2001-10-24 Slight modification at 1. Movement of Appassionata by Ludwig van Beethoven.
2001-10-22 Christmas Midis updated.
2001-10-03 1. Movement of Appassionata by Ludwig van Beethoven added.
2001-09-01 Danzas españolas: Villanesca by Enrique Granados added.
2001-08-01 Danzas españolas: Zarabanda by Enrique Granados added.
2001-07-15 Danzas españolas: Oriental by Enrique Granados added.
2001-06-22 Suite española: Cuba added. New statistical reports with analog 5.01 generated.
2001-06-01 Suite española: Aragón, Castilla added, Cataluña updated.
2001-05-01 Suite española: Asturias by Isaac Albéniz added.
2001-04-16 Suite española: Cádiz by Isaac Albéniz added.
2001-03-30 Suite española: Granada, Cataluña and Sevilla by Isaac Albéniz updated.
2001-03-25 Suite española: Sevilla by Isaac Albéniz added.
2001-03-18 Prélude from España and Granada from Suite española by Isaac Albéniz updated.
2001-03-14 Suite española: Cataluña by Isaac Albéniz added.
2001-03-04 Suite española: Granada by Isaac Albéniz added.
2001-02-24 Streaming page added.
2001-02-18 España: Serenata, Capricho Catalan und Zortzico by Isaac Albéniz added.
2001-02-01 España: Prélude, Tango and Malagueña by Isaac Albéniz added.
2001-01-01 The Seasons: "November" and "December" by Peter Tchaikowsky added.

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